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Ur Health Chart

Care for seniors

Connecting families

Want to keep track of your parents’ health?

Get updated about their health conditions any time

About UrHealthChart

Do you want to keep track of your parents’ health at home? Now you can do it with your mobile phone. With one click you will see how well they are doing with their home health metrics. And you will be actively alerted when there is an abnormal reading. Next step, you will be given an action plan on how to handle the situation. Sending these readings to your doctor also facilitate for a quick and convenient assessment.

Seniors Socializing

Home Health Data

Keep it all in one place

Doctor with Computer

Sharing data

Health data can be shared to trusted family members to make sure they get updated. Abnormal readings can also alert family members so they know when to give an extra phone call or visit.

Medical form with stethoscope

Log your data

Patient can log the daily health data conveniently. If anything goes out of normal range, immediate prompts and advices can guide you to next step.

Nurse Talking to Patient

Connect with your doctor

Send the data to your doctor before your followup. You don't have to flip through the notebook anymore. Also, abnormal readings can be sent directly to your doctor and you can get appropriate treatment sooner.

For Families

Peace of mind for you

Get updates and alerts for your parents health.

Professional guides to handle abnormal readings.

You will be empowered to be support their health and independent living. 

Happy Family

For Seniors

Let your children know

Large fonts and simple layout for easy access.

Different tracking parameters according to different conditions.

Keep all data in one place, for convenient communication with doctors.

 Send alerts only to your family with linked account.


Portrait of Senior Woman

It is very useful in keeping me updated about my parents conditions.

Middle Aged Woman

It acts as a motivation for them to keep their health records, because I'm going to check them.

Mature Businessman

The educational materials sent to me was very helpful. It is related to my condition and it helps me understand my condition.

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