Show them you care

Get updated about their health

You will receive a notification about their data entry.

You will know how well they are doing.

We help you to decide how to handle out-of-range readings. 

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Step 3


3 simple steps to setup for seniors

You mobile will get notifications like these

Upon opening the message,

you get prompts to guide your next steps

New entry from Peter today

Systolic blood pressure: 125mmHg

Diastolic blood pressure: 78mmHg

Heart rate: 67 beats per min

Blood sugar: 5.6 mmol/L

All readings look normal.

Happy day!

Yellow alert

Systolic blood pressure

on 14 Jan 2021: 148mmHg

(alert range 130-150)


 1. Give MOM a call, see if she is feeling well.

2. If MOM has symptoms, call your doctor.

3. If MOM feels well, repeat the   

   measurement in 1 hour and enter

   into record again.

Red alert


Systolic blood pressure

on 14 Jan 2021: 168mmHg

(alert range >150)


 1. Give Peter a call or a visit.

2. If Peter has symptoms, call your doctor.

3. If Peter feels well, repeat the

    measurement in 30 minutes.

4. If persistent red alert reading, call your